Quantum Investing

Each MARSH3 Holder can claim fund everyday, but max reward accumulated will be capped at 7 days. Reward will be claimed in BNB. Everyone will be getting 5% daily. Claim amount = current Quantum Investing fund balance * 0.05 * (% of MARSH3 held) / 100 * days since last claim up to 7 days.
When the Quantum Fund is up to 10 BNB. Holders of MARSH3 can put forth a Proposal to invest somewhere. Then everyone that has MARSH3 can Vote, Yes or No. If it gets rejected, then it is rejected.
If it gets approved, the Contract is automatically going to buy the project of the approved proposal.
Any of the top 50 holders of MARSH3 or the person that put forth the Proposal can request a Sell and once it gets approved, the contract will sell and then whatever profit there is, it is going to go back into the Quantum Fund.