Why We are Better?

Rewards EVERY 3 SECONDS Other projects give rewards every 15 or 30 minutes or more due to their limitation. People have to wait that next 15 or 30 minute period to get next reward before doing something. Our project divides rewards into smaller portions and gives them every 3 seconds. You cannot miss or wait any reward as this is theoretical maximum speed in BSC by combining it with the passive APY, it gives higher rewards than any other stable project.
Other projects use an EOA wallet for burn. Also others use an EOA wallet or owner contract for LP token receiver. No one knows if they have they key to control that wallet or not. They can sell big amounts of tokens or pull big amount of liquidity ANYTIME. It has been consistently pointed out that this is a big security issue. And recently, CertiK delisted Safuu because of this issue. Our burn address is a verifiable 0xdead address which has no owner. Also our LP token is automatically Burned in every auto-liquidity event.
We have utilities that generate real income. Through this sources we inject LP into Marsh3, making it more and more stable overtime.
Other projects experience big price drops when adding LP. Thanks to our proprietary algorithms, We do not.
Other projects promise huge APYs and returns, but is just a gimmick to take your money in the short term. We keep it real and give what we know it is possible and sustainable, creating a safe environment for everyone involved.